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You want to brew small batches the easy way? 

This can be the answer: BT140




The BT140 is an electrically driven 140 liter low-cost brewhouse that is made out of stainless steel. It has butterfly valves with clamp connectors. It is equipped with a stirrer (220 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz) and a steam condenser that simply needs a thin water hose to work. A transparent beer hose with hose barbs is included. Just install your electrical plugs on the electrical cables and start brewing. The BT140 has wheels with stoppers and can easily be moved into a corner of a room after brewing.

Diameter = 67 cm 

Inner diameter of the vessels = 59.5 cm

Height = approx. 150 cm

Total height with the stirrer = approx. 173 cm

Total volumes of the vessels = 165 liter per vessel

Weight of one vessel = approx. 60 kg.

BT140-shipping-box: Length x Width x Height = 1.4 m x 0.7 m x 0.9 m


The only things that have to be bought seperately  by the brewer are a little pump and a plate heat exchanger.




Upper vessel:


Functions: Mashing/Lautering

Heating: Electrical heater with a power of 5 kW (Europe: 400 V, USA: 220 V)

Top:  Lid with stirrer

Inlets: Sparging water

Outlets: Drainage, side outlet

Features: Slit filter for lautering, thermometer

Lower vessel:

Functions: Heating up the sparging water and the wort during lautering/Whirlpool/Cooking

Heating: Electrical heater with a power of 5 kW (Europe: 400 V, USA: 220 V)

Inlets: Lautering/Whirlpool, CIP "Spray ball" for cleaning, hop port

Outlets: Clear wort out, drainage, steam out

Features: Thermometer, liquid level hose, steam condenser

Cooking in the lower vessel: A steam condenser is used to cook the wort in the lower vessel. Quick double batches are possible since the second batch can already be mashed in the upper vessel while the first batch is cooked in the lower vessel.  At least140 liter of wort can be cooked in the lower vessel.


Brewing one batch per day can comfortably be done by heating one vessel at the time. If enough power is available both vessels can be heated at the same time. This offers then the possibility of even quicker double-batch-brew-days. In Europe a 16 Ampere fuse can deliver up to 10 kW power. This means with a standard 16 Ampere fuse both vessel can be heated at the same time.


BT140: 3'980 USD

The price does not include VAT/customs and shipping costs from Basel/Switzerland to your place.

Ask for an offer HERE.


The BT140 is no longer in production. It was replaced by the BT140+.

Youtube-Videos: BREWTOWER 140


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