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You want to brew the classic way? 

This can be the answer.




The BT-concept can also be used to build a classic 3-vessel or a 4-vessel brewhouse: BTC 300/600/1000

The "classic mash tun" then has twice as many heaters. The total power stays the same but the resistance of each heater is lower leading to less heat intensity on the surface of the heaters avoding burned heaters. The total surface of the heaters is then > 80 % of the surface of the bottom.

BTC allow multiple batches per day: Mash tun -> Lauter tun -> Boiler(/WP) -> Whirlpool.


1) Mash into the mash tun.

2) Pump the mash into the lauter tun. Start lautering into the boiler. You can use the other vessels as hot liquor tank and prepare the sparging water there. You can start mashing the 2nd batch.

3) Boil the wort after lautering in the boiler.

4) Create the whirlpool in the boiler or pump it into the whirlpool (4-vessel).

5) Pump the wort through the plate heat exchanger into the fermenter.

Interested? Ask for an offer HERE.

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