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You want to pasteurize whole pallets?

This can be the answer.






A) Electric heaters

4 x 10 kW electric heaters. Activate as many heaters as possible.

Recommended: At least 2 x 10 kW heaters should be active.

B) Steam & electric heaters (spare)

Steam from an external and powerful steam generator is injected into the water bath.

The electric heaters are used as spare in case there is no steam available.

Control Box

One can set the temperature of the water bath and the temperature of the bottle. As soon as the temperature in the water bath is reached the pump starts spraying the hot water around in the box until the desired temperature in the bottle is reached (probe). The system fills up the water bath up automatically with fresh water with a pneumatic valve. 


EUR-Pallet: Length x Width = 120 cm x 80 cm

Max. height: 140 cm


Length x Width x Height = 140 cm x 100 cm x 207 cm

Shipping-box: Length x Width x Height = 190 cm x 155 cm x 245 cm 

Weight of the shipping box: 900 kg



A): 17'480 USD

B): 19'980 USD

The price does not include shipping costs and VAT/customs.

Ask for an offer HERE.

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