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Cylindro Conical Tanks CCT, Bright Beer Tanks BBT,...
We design the brewery to fit your rooms perfectly.
Also other equipment can be delivered like HLT, ILT, PHE, KEG-washer, BT-platform, hop back, pump...and many other things. Just ask for an offer. You have special wishes? No problem. 
Price list HERE.

Basic specs for the tanks:


Material: SUS 304 stainless steel

Domed top

Polish roughness of the inside: 0.4 um

Working pressure: 2 bar

Testing pressure: 3 bar

Manhole on the top or on the side

Yeast outlet

Beer outlet/racking arm

Safety valve

Sample cock

Pressure gauge

Rotating spray ball

Beer level hose

Top dry hopping port 

Carbonation stone

Headspace: +20...25 %

Butterfly valves


Inner tank thickness:

2 mm for 100L-200 L

2.5 mm for 400-600 L

3 mm for 1000l-2000 L




CCTs have 60 degrees cone angle

Standard sizes

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