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Counterpressure bottle filler

for 33 cl longneck bottles


​The daniBottleFiller is a semiautomatic bottle filler. How does it work?

  1. Push the START-BUTTON: The daniBottleFiller lowers the platform and starts purging 4 bottles with carbon dioxide to lower the oxygen pick-up and counterpressure filling 4 bottles with carbonated beverage. It can of course also fill non-carbonated beverages.

  2. Meanwhile the filled bottles are capped, sealed by hand and 4 new bottles are placed on the left side.

  3. The daniBottleFiller measures the desired amount of liquid, it then stops automatically when the bottles are filled and lifts the platform.

  4. The bottles are pushed to the right side by hand.

  5. Push the START-BUTTON: ...

The daniBottleFiller is very compact, affordable, easy to clean and easy to handle.

It totally follows the BT-philosophy: A very simple and straightforward design for a low price.

Designed and made by craft brewers for craft brewers: The daniBottleFiller is handcrafted in our brewery garage in Bern/Switzerland.



Carbon dioxide (½” female thread or ¼ ”-push fit pipe)

Compressed air 2 bar (½” female thread or ¼ ”-push fit pipe)

Beverage (tri clamp D = 50.4 mm)


Power: 12 V DC

Dimensions and weight:

L x W x H = 110 cm x 21 cm x 137 cm

Weight = 32 kg 

The "Control Box":

With the controller you can set

  • Rinsing (cleaning, disinfecting)

  • Any amount of liquid you want to fill for every fill line

  • The purge time of the carbon dioxide

  • The time between pushing the START-BUTTON and the start of the filling process

  • The counterpressure fill time

  • The number of additional CO2-purges before the counter presssure filling starts


Fill capacity:

For carbonated beverages approx. 10 x 330 ml longneck bottles per minute can be achieved.

Technical documentation:

The complete technical documentation (CE) is only given to the buyer.


daniBottleFiller: 5'480 USD


Packaging: 100 USD

Hint: No packaging needed when picked up at our brewery garage.

The price does not include VAT/customs and the shipping. Shipping worldwide ! See the approx. shipping costs HERE.


Ask for an offer HERE

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